Regards for Mark

I was just writing to thank you, I have learned so much about myself as a designer as a result of having you as a teacher. You challenged me in ways that I did not think were possible and for that I thank you.

Cassie Clark-Galster

College for Creative Studies - Detroit, Michigan

Again, FANTASTIC! It was a fresh and clear-minded way of teaching this class. I enjoyed coming to the class and learned techniques in ways that don’t have to be as complicated as they have been perceived in the past.

Stephani Skorna

International Academy of Design & Technology - Troy, Michigan

Mr. McBride, I would say, has to be one of the best instructors we have. He communicates everything in a way you can understand. He is very talented and well educated in the field of architecture and design. I always enjoy the way he is so visual, and will quickly illustrate the situation on the board in detail to help students better understand. We need more Mr. McBrides.


Baker College - Metro Detroit, Michigan

The instructor had a great amount of knowledge on the subject of the course and did very well teaching and explaining the course material. He was very patient, understanding, and did well with helping us individually as well as a group. I would recommend taking this instructor for this course, his different style of teaching finally helped me get a good grasp on perspectives and rendering.

Sara Golnick

International Academy of Design & Technology - Troy, Michigan